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1368 Lincoln Ave #103 San Rafael, CA 94901                                     beclean@brendascleaning.com


About Us
Brenda's Cleaning Personnel, Inc. is fully staffed and serving our customers' needs by answering our phones in person whenever you call during regular business hours which are 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Our office is automated with state-of-the-art computer scheduling, bookkeeping and client history files which help us to quickly locate client information and process your order. Our housecleaning professionals are active in the community and ready to clean your home. At Brenda's a full line of housecleaning services is available. Make an appointment to completely clean you house, apartment, windows, carpets, upholstery or organize every room! You can even get an exterior power wash! The cleaners keep our agency informed daily with up-to-date services offered, service areas and available dates all of which guarantee you the fastest access to your favorite cleaner's schedule.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a complete range of maintenance services for the home, at an affordable cost. We realize that a fine housecleaning job affects our customers daily lives: basic schedules, numerous obligations or health and physical concerns. With a clean home, our clients have a foundation on which to face the daily demands made in their lives. We welcome your interest in our services.
We hold the principles of integrity, honesty and accountability to be of utmost importance. Founded in 1977, our reputation is secure and we are still in business after 33 years!
We are responsive and professional. No job is too small or too large. We understand how valuable help is and how personal your home is. . We will do what it takes to accommodate your needs now and as they change over time.

Company Background
Founded in 1977, Brenda's Cleaning Personnel, Inc. began with just a few cleaners operating in Marin County and offering basic housecleaning only. As the years passed, demand for a wider variety of services grew. Now Brenda's offers a full range of home maintenance professionals. At Brenda's you will find a wide selection of possibilities: from standard housecleaning (the kind most people are familiar with) all the way to exterior cleaning, construction cleaning or home detailing.