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Full House Cleaning
Is the home occupied or vacant? Vacant
Square Footage:

Click here for help figuring out your square footage.


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Individual Estimates
Large Rooms: ex: Living and Dining room combo.
Flights of Stairs:
Please choose the desired categories to the left and fill in the information. Then click the "Get Estimate" button at the bottom.

Love Seats:
Large Stuffed Chair:
Dining Chair (back and seat):
Dining Chair (seat only):
Square Feet of Home:
Individual Standard Fixtures (ex: toilet, sink, tub)
Master Bathroom (large) (includes fixtures, walls and ceilings)
Regular Bathroom (includes fixtures, walls and ceilings)
Half Bath (includes fixtures, walls and ceilings)
Help and Definitions:

*If you do not know how many square feet are in your home, here is a rough estimate:
Studio apartment 400-600 sq. ft.
1 bedroom apartment 600-800 sq. ft.
2 bedroom apartment 900-1000 sq. ft.
3 bedroom flat 1600 sq. ft.
2 bedroom/1 bath house 800-1000 sq. ft.
Small 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house 900-1100 sq. ft.
Medium 3 bedroom 2 bath house 1600-1800 sq. ft.
Large 3 bedroom 2 bath house 2500 sq. ft.
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- Materials -
The basic materials needed for most cleaning jobs are: mop, broom, bucket, rags, sponges, vacuum, cleanser for toilet tub and sink, cleanser for entire kitchen, dusting products of your choice, all purpose cleanser, floor products based on type and condition of floors.
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- Minimum Cleaning -
Cleaner will spend up to 3 hours in your home doing any projects you have in mind or as much general cleaning as can be done in that amount of time.
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- Regular Cleaning -
Includes all the wet washing in the kitchen: floors, counter tops, sink, stove, and appliances. Some customers like the refrigerator to be included and some do not, it is a personal choice. All the wet washing in the bathroom: toilet, tub, sink, shower, mirrors, counter tops, floors, and whatever needs washing in the bath. All the dry cleaning in the rest of the house, usually the bedrooms, livingroom and family room need dusting and vacuuming.
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- Detailed Cleaning -
Includes all of the Regular Cleaning plus details of your choosing such as baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fan blades, closets, special projects that you have in mind, cleaning underneath and behind heavy furniture that you have moved for us in advance. In addition, you will find estimates available above for carpet cleaning, window cleaning and move in/out cleaning.
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