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Reviews and Comments                                      415-453-3386     beclean@brendascleaning.com

These guys are absolutely fabulous! Absolutely spotless! I've had the other guys (big names). There is not a finer group  that I've ever seen and I've been having carpets cleaned for 30 years, and I have the finest carpets. Not a stain anywhere, even the stairways and cracks and corners where others miss are clean. They are so professional and nice!

Ester Bruihl, Mill Valley, Ca


I ordered a special "Deep Cleaning" and it was the best cleaning I've ever had! Everything was glistening, even the tops of light fixtures and light bulbs, the house was absolutely glistening! I am so happy!.

Sharon Dowson, Mill Valley, Ca


I've been very happy, it is wonderful and the work is very well done. They saved me a lot of work. I really appreciate Sandra's hard work every other week!. It is always a pleasure to come home to a clean house and know that I only have to do some touch up in between. I highly recommend them.!

Sherry Gomes, San Rafael,Ca


Our cleaners are fantastic! Always on time, they clean in the time frame scheduled, and are always very polite!. They respond to my requests, and I cannot speak highly enough of them. Please pass along my regards and thank them for all the time they spend in  my home!

Natalie Badler, San Rafael, Ca  


Thank you so much for sending the housecleaner. Aster did such a wonderful job without much guidance and direction from me. Thank her personally and tell her she did a great job! We will use you again.

Patricia St John, Novato, Ca 



Absolutely super job, she didnt miss anything!

Marna Cohen, Mill Valley, Ca


The men you sent, Alessandro and Neslon, were great! The house is sparkling, they were on time, efficient and worked hard. I appreciate your making sure that the job was completed and we are very happy. We hope to have the same guys again the next time we need your services. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have my home cleaned for me!

Jessica Gallagher, Mill Valley, Ca



"I own a moving company in Marin County and have used Brenda's Cleaning for a number of my clients for post-move clean ups. My client's have been pleased with Brenda's work. After a grueling move it is comforting to know that there won't be any complaints about the clean-up. Brenda's rates are very reasonable and customer service is outstanding. You can tell Brenda cares about her work because she gives so much individual attention to each customer."

Paul LeVine Mellion, Birch Circle Movers, San Anselmo, CA



“Thank you for the special price on the cleaning.


"I am very impressed. They were just unbelievable; so conscientious and good. I am really, really pleased. They even put 99% of everything back precisely where it was before they moved it to clean. They really paid attention!  He even went back and double checked!"

Barbara Burghart, San Anselmo, CA



"She was tremendous today, I looked down the hall and she was on her hands and knees cleaning the floor under the bed! She was great, give her a pat on the back!"

Doris Bloom, Mill Valley, CA



“Thank you for the special price on the cleaning, I love my cleaner and the work she does and would hate to part with her. You’ve made it possible for me to continue with her and I am grateful. I believe you received some new customers through my referrals and I have told many to request Claudia if she is available. Again thank you so much for the discount and providing excellent service. You’ve always striven to make sure I got someone good; you always work terribly hard to please us. Your service is fabulous! You really put out a fine service!”

Noreen Hook, San Rafael, CA



"I am thrilled with the cleaning job! Unbelievable difference from the other cleaners we had, so much better! Thank you."

P. H., Mill Valley, CA



"The most important positive for this company is that they speak English and have good communication skills. Also, when I schedule the service it stays scheduled and the time is not changed by the company."

L. B. San Francisco, CA CA



"The person that they send to my home is very experienced and does tidy work. All the assigned tasks are done when they are supposed to be and I can trust them to be in my home. They seem to have qualified individuals that work for them and I believe them to be outgoing and friendly when they visit my home. The service is very reliable and I can depend on the associate to arrive on time."

D. L. San Rafael, CA



"Just to let you know this team is the best you have ever sent! I am so happy, they clean in places that have never been touched."

C. B. Fairfax, CA



"Please thank my cleaner for the great job on the kid’s bathroom. The stain is gone!"

P. H.  San Francisco, CA



"Excellent! They showed up on time, brought their own supplies, were incredibly detailed (moved furniture to vacuum behind big pieces), windows, window sills, etc. They were a fabulous value for their price. Will use them on a regular basis!  Complete housecleaning, including windows, dusting, vacuuming, etc. 2 people for 2400 sq ft house... they worked hard and did a great job!"

R. C.  Mill Valley, CA



"I really liked them, no-one ever did as good a job before, working with them was worthwhile!"

E. L.  Fairfax, CA



"Wonderful work they are doing an excellent job and I don’t have to worry. Thank them very much for me!"

J. C. San Francisco, CA



"Thank you for sending the two very effective women to clean our house for the holidays in Novato. The two women Brenda’s sent me were very effective, competent, polite, confident, calm and professional. Thank you! (Sometimes I will go back over the house after the primary cleaning, and re-do the work with bleaching the bathroom counters, et al.; I did not have any need with these two highly competent professional cleaners!)  Thank you for always, always providing great service. My experience with Brenda’s is that I can always count on you!" 

J. K.  Novato CA



"A wonderful job! Thank you so much! Marcelo really knows how to clean. The dusting was the best ever. Thank you."

J. L.  San Rafael, CA



"Brenda explained her services cheerfully and fully and was very accommodating of my specific needs. I am impressed with her whole business model and the professional way she executes it-- Whatever the customer wants, however you want it.

I wanted only floors and baths cleaned and that was no problem. She estimated it would take 3 hours, set up an appointment for Luis and held that same spot for two weeks later if I liked him and wanted him to be regular. She patiently answered all my questions and was exceptionally polite and conscientious about telephone holds and returning phone calls.

Luis'wife was with him this time. They said they could do the 3 hour job in 1 1/2, and they did! They were quick, efficient and thorough in their cleaning. I noticed Luis vacuuming the edges of my carpet and his wife wiping down the trim. I am very happy with the work. The cleaners were a nice young couple and they were very pleasant to work with. This was a very good experience. I expect to have a long relationship with Brenda's Cleaning Personnel.

K. R.  San Rafael CA



"Brenda’s sent Carmen to clean for me. Carmen is fantastic. I was so impressed with her hard working ethic. I really appreciate her work."

W. A.  Mill Valley, CA



"My cleaner is a wonderful man, I appreciate him very much, he did a beautiful job. Just Wonderful, very thorough and such a nice guy!"

E. G. San Rafael, CA



"Daniella did a great job! Please add a tip to my charges."

N. H.   San Francisco, CA



"They were 30 minutes late, but stayed the extra time on the back end. Needed an extra half hour to clean and approached me for approval before they stayed, which I thought was good. The cleaners worked very hard. I noticed sweat on both cleaners' brows and they didn't stop. I thought they did an excellent job and will use them again. The cleaning supplies they brought in were far superior to my own. For example, they have a vacuum cleaner that fits like a backpack on the cleaner and is extremely strong. If I had them use my vacuum, I know I wouldn't have seen the same level of cleanliness. The difference is only $3 per hour for them to use their own supplies, and I think it's worth the price to get the best cleaning that you can."

M. N.  San Anslemo, CA



"Absolutely fabulous job. A+. Was perfect! Will want Tyrone back again!"

N. M. Tiburon, CA



"Carmen is absolutely wonderful. She does a really nice job, and I really like her."

J. D.  Mill Valley, CA



"My cleaner is wonderful, she does a great job. Please let her know and she is really pleasant too."

C. C.  Mill Valley, CA



"I really like them, I am very happy with their work!"

A. A  Corte Madera, CA