FAQs and Customer Education


We are a reputable referral agency for screened cleaning professionals, who are available to serve your needs regularly or on an as-needed basis. Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel is a domestic employment agency with services in Marin, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties, from basic house cleaning to cleaning for special occasions – from Spring cleaning to moving, Brenda’s Cleaning can serve your needs. We specialize in house cleaning, inside and out, and can clean anything from your living room furniture to the skylights in your bathroom. Special requests are no problem, because our experts can clean it all.

What We Bring

We bring everything needed for the job!

We come prepared with Mops and Pads, Brooms and Vacuums, Cleaning Cloths and Sponges, All Purpose Cleaner, Oven and Glass Cleansers, Dusters, Dish-washing Soap, Hardwood Floor Cleanser and more….

The products we use are researched, developed and manufactured by the best companies in the industry today. Every cleaning product we use is created to focus on making cleaning an efficient and successful process, effectively removing dust, dirt and grime. Our goal is to leave your home clean and to enhance its natural beauty. Our cleaning staff purchases these products at retail from major suppliers, using items that are known as household names across America.

Our cleaning staff has a combined experience of cleaning for over 40 years. They have tried many different cleaning tools and products for home cleaning, and are using what they have determined to be the best and most effective products, thereby cutting down time in the cleaning process.

How do you protect my privacy?

We take safeguarding your privacy seriously. We are committed to protecting personal information we obtain about you, and we will never disclose the information we obtain about you to a third party not directly working at your home, other than to a collection agency for the purpose of collecting payments. Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel does not participate in any information-sharing practices, and we use industry-standard internal practices to keep your data confidential and secure. We use modern digital and physical security measures, like building security access codes and computer firewalls. We restrict access to information about you to only those office employees who need to know to provide you the referrals you’re looking for, and the house cleaners, themselves, so they can complete the work you’re hiring them to do. We don’t use outside mail service vendors, and we will never sell your name, address, or email for use on mailing lists. You can trust us with your information and in your home.

What happens during vacations, or when I need to stop services temporarily?

Notify us 48 hours in advance if you need to leave town or temporarily stop your house cleaning services, and give us a call to resume them when you return. It’s that easy!

Am I covered for damage?

Our cleaning professionals/businesses participate in a damage fund for damage coverage in your home.

How do I orient cleaners to my needs, in my home?

Make a list of your requirements and your concerns, let the office know and your satisfaction is guaranteed by your cleaner. We will put your specific list into your job order and deliver your requests to your cleaner.

You can be certain that we only refer professional cleaners to our customers. Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel cleans many homes, we understand the competitive business of cleaning. Our cleaners have high standards! Call us if you’d like to make changes, and we can accommodate you. If your cleaner is no longer available, we will find you a suitable replacement so your scheduled cleaning service isn’t interrupted.


You have the security of knowing that we have been and will be in business for many years to come. Established in 1977, we know that many homeowners depend on local businesses and feel most comfortable when dealing with a domestic employment agency that they have come to know and depend on.

Do I have to be home?

No, you don’t! Our goal is to simplify your life, so you can be sure your house cleaners work with expertise. Many of our clients are too busy to be home for every scheduled service, and like them, you can make arrangements for entry with our office.

Can I get help occasionally, or regularly, or for special occasions?

Yes, yes, and yes! Every appointment is welcome and can be accommodated. All you have to do is call and let us know when you’d like your house cleaned – weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or for a one-time cleaning. Monthly customers receive a courtesy reminder call ahead of their scheduled appointment. We can refer cleaners who are available holidays, for spring cleaning, and special occasions, and if your regular cleaner is not available then, we’ll refer a comparable one to you who is.

What work will be done?

You can count on your house cleaner to take care of all your cleaning needs, including vacuuming, cleaning your floors, dusting, changing your bed linens, all the wet washing in the kitchen and your bathrooms, and all the other household chores you need to have done.

How much does house cleaning cost?

Most of our customers opt for our most popular rate: $28.50 per hour. We will recruit and screen professional cleaners for work based on in-house screening methods we’ve developed over our almost four decades of experience. We offer other rate tiers, such as $30.00 per hour or $35.00 per hour, and up to $42.00 per hour. Call us for details. Per project or piece rates apply to specialty cleaning, such exteriors, fences, and walkways.

We hope you will be happy with our referrals!

Customer Education

Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel, Inc., is a reputable referral agency, and we believe you will get the most out of your service by understanding how the business side of it works. There are three types of business entities in the State of California through which a consumer can obtain the services of a house cleaner. One isn’t better than another, and each business model serves the community in its own way. We appreciate you considering a referral agency for your house cleaning needs, and we’re happy to offer you this educational material to inform your choices.

Cleaning a house consists of cleaning the physical structure and contents of the house, apartment, office, or dwelling, such as but not limited to vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, windows and blinds, kitchens and appliances, dishes, inside and outside cobwebs, porches, garages, and changing your bed linens and doing the laundry. House cleaning does not include services directed to the physical care of any human or animal occupants.

The three viable business models within the marketplace to obtain the services of a house cleaner are through direct sourcing, a referral agency like Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel, or through an employer-based service. Direct sourcing means you scour the classifieds or place your own ad, and ask your friends who they’d recommend before interviewing them yourself. An employer-based business means you get the cleaners they send you, and they may provide training, uniforms supplies, and transportation to your home where they’ll follow their own policies and rules of conduct. Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel is a referral agency, which means we screen and register independent, professional house cleaners from within the community. An agency like ours might list the specific cleaning services they offer, the times and dates they’re available, and their rates. In turn, agencies like Brenda’s Cleaning acts an agent for professional cleaners to procure job leads for them.

As a consumer, you’re not obliged to accept one type of house cleaner over another, and in fact, you have the freedom to choose the best model for your budget and tax responsibilities. With direct sourcing, your house cleaner is your direct employee. You are responsible for reporting to the appropriate State and Federal Regulatory bodies, and you are responsible for paying all tax obligations to the appropriate Local, State, and Federal Regulatory bodies. The employer-based house cleaner will be paid by their employer, who also pays their taxes. A referral agency, like Brenda’s Cleaning, will report the appropriate State and Federal Regulatory bodies.

In the event that your referral agency accepts payments, don’t misconstrue it as paying your cleaner’s employer. For example, Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel is a referral agency, and we accept credit/debit card and checks for the cleaners we refer as a service to both them and you. We process the payment for them, we do not give them a paycheck. Funds for the payment of taxes are paid directly by the Independent Business Person, your house cleaner, to the appropriate State and Federal Regulatory bodies. To insure tax compliance, we will issue a 1099 form to the appropriate State and Federal Regulatory bodies, as required by law.

Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel, Inc., is a reputable referral agency, and is not the employer of the domestic professional we refer to you. The worker may be your employee, or an independent contractor, depending on the relationship you develop over time. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her duties, you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and workers’ compensation premiums, under State and Federal law. For additional information, contact your local Employment Development Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

We hope you find the information we’ve presented as a service to you here useful. Call Brenda’s Cleaning today for a free consultation on all your cleaning needs. Let our hands care for your home.